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Spring architectures

A few years ago how did the design or photography, architecture is quite present in the city. So continue the pilgrimage to the various activities that fill the calendar.

As stated in this supplement on 28 March, this spring seems determined to become subjects. A few years ago how did the design or photography, architecture is quite present in the city. So continue the pilgrimage to the various activities that fill the calendar. In CaixaForum and about the exposure of the house in the city by Richard Rogers, is scheduled conferences, the last, of Deyan Sudjic, Director of Design Museum in London. A few days ago presented the book Reflections Barcelona, where over 80 students express their vision of Barcelona. Benedetta Tagliabue has been responsible for assembling the exhibition that is intended for Isabel Coixet John Berger Arts Center Santa Monica.

Exhibition, museum ephemeral
The exhibition Photographs • LIGHTS. Catalonia visionary architecture has an important presence there, from Romanesque to Gaudí's GATPAC of the Walden7 Bofill. Taking the opportunity of a guided tour with the curator, Pilar Parcerisas, companion charged was a pleasure, but did not prevent an overwhelming feeling to the 800 works exhibited. As she herself says, the exhibition is an ephemeral museum. Focusing on architecture, and the margin of classic references, I was quite interested in the claim made of
Manuel Sayrach Career and its connection between architecture and mystic shadow of Gaudi. Furthermore, paragraph Utopias, Utopians as reflected in the solution Eixample Cerdà comes from utopian socialism and the following Etienne Cabet icarians. It's fascinating and frightening reproduction of Czech Republic, small dwellings intended for the torture they used abstract art and architecture to break the psychologically imprisoned. We can see the best and worst of the modern movement. Essential.

Produced by Princeton University, and care Beatriz Colomina, the exhibition comes Mounting / staple / fold, exposed to the Design Hub Barcelona (DHUB) until 17 May. It is the result of two years of seminars, interviews and visits to editors and architects. Reflects the important role of small magazines made by architects in overcoming the modern movement and the subsequent generation of postmodernity. Magazines countercultural alternatives, claiming that the experiment as a system. Games typography, artwork made
basis of collages and photomontages and provocative messages on the political and cultural period setting these ephemeral publications, almost suicidal, will not be profitable.

When exposed to FAD 5 May the work of architect Carlos Raúl Villanueva, creator of the Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas. Architect born and trained in Europe but established in Venezuela, was a bridge between the avant-garde rationalist European vernacular architecture of the tropics. The curators of the exhibition Villanueva defined as "an exceptional efficiency and modernity is characterized by its organic, free, rich and multiple implications. Now that "architecture seems to have been after many of its major commitments to the people, place, nature and culture in general" and through his parent, the Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas, declared a World by Unesco, we can see that other currencies were and are possible.
Beyond the great Oscar Niemeyer is a South American architecture to discover. Villanueva was confronted by a dictatorial regime right, as he said, "will for the future of Venezuela." In his company build "a synthesis of the arts," even mean in a Calder espaterrant auditorium. The result is a university ahead of their time using money from the oil industry makes a part of the ideology of the international movement could not implement it because when Europe was still in the precarious war.

The example of Medellin
The recent award City to City that the FAD has given the city of Medellin, Colombia, Medellin and its project is the most educated as another example from real estate and social progress is reformulating this part of American continent. Medellin was the more educated a movement that has fought social inequality and violence to ensure quality education for all citizens. These advances have been made at the same • Drop an ambitious master plan and infrastructure through the development of programs related to
entrepreneurial culture, social budgets participatory urbanism.
Lessons that come from overseas and now in crisis, can give us clues and make South America, not a blurry reflection of what happens here, but an inspiration to us.