Oscar Guayabero . Projects and Exhibitions Projects and Exhibitions http://www.oscarguayabero.net/ Sat, 01 Dec 2018 05:44:00 GMT Visions of Catalonia (Designing crafts) https://guayabero.net/english/exhibitions/exhibition/visions-of-catalonia--(designing-crafts).html <p>This edition of the Biennale vindicates craftsmanship as a method of producing objects of use, of a domestic nature, beyond decoration or aesthetic enjoyment and shows how design intervenes to give them utility. The axis of the selected proposals lies in the relationship between design and craftsmanship, and you can find everyday objects, from hydraulic tiles to pitchers, from seats to lamps, from switches to coffee makers. The selection shows a variety of disciplines, techniques and materials ranging from ceramics, paper, woodwork, textiles, natural fibers or 3D printing.</p> <p>A selection of artisans and creators, based in Catalonia, participates, presenting hybrid projects between both disciplines, where factors such as the reduction of materials and/or objects, the use of raw materials from proximity, production processes with zero waste, high product durability and dignified aging, and easy return to the cycle of the circular economy.</p> https://guayabero.net/english/exhibitions/exhibition/visions-of-catalonia--(designing-crafts).html Thu, 22 Jun 2023 09:07:00 GMT 2023